Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another good day at the clinic. 100 patients a day between 4 providers. Electricity down - and that fan made it manageable ! Skype working a bit slow. Email me if you are reading this blog .


Mary said...

Tony, enjoying the pictures and reading each day's activities. I sent your blog to my parents and my mother has been very interested in reading each day. I know everyone there appreciates the work you are doing. We look forward to seeing all of your pictures and hearing your stories.


runi said...


What amazing work you and the other doctors are doing! I'm reading along intently, and I'm looking forward to hearing your account firsthand upon your safe return.

Best wishes,

DarrelynRusso said...

Hi Tony! Reading your daily journal as well as some of the OR Dr's I work with. There are a couple who are interested in helping in Haiti just like you. I'm sure the pt's appreciate your help more than you know!! Take more photos...Very cool to see!!
Love you guy...