Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Volunteer health care workers stay inside the clinic. We had air mattresses and mosquito nets. I brought down a donated laptop computer that works fine with the wi-fi there. We had to have flexibility in our journey there: electricity occasionally went down but the generator for the building was available; running water was sometimes down... BUT Reggie always brought us Haitian food from a restaurant and we enjoyed a mid day get together with the staff. He took us around the city: to see the destruction, to visit some hospitals to see what their pharmacies could share, and to enjoy a late night meal a few times. The place has lush vegetation, surrounding mountains, wonderful people ... Please feel free to make comments or questions or email me. Medical assistants, pharmacists, etc could do a lot at a low key clinic like this They have a permanent Spanish / French speaking MD there 7 days a week. Who knows who you might influence to make this trip of volunteering in an incredibly beautifully place in an historic, though disastrous situation.
P.S. thanks Annie for putting the idea in my head
A.R.Russo anthonyrussomd@gmail.com; contact Chris at DorsainvilFoundation.org

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