Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arrival in Haiti. No hassles at airport or customs BUT outside -an incredible scene. Dr dorsainvil's sharp rep met us and all went well. Picture crowds of men in near darkness, reaching out to help push your heavy luggage cart over very uneven, puddle filled sidewalk . Driving, seeing the wreckage and tent cities that we've seen on cnn. Occas whiffs of some malodor , some coolness in the evening air, but the still, hot air indoors just makes you sweat .Camping out on the floor (amid stacked boxes of meds) of the open air, concrete building , in a quiet neighbor hood of central, (hilly) Port au Prince. Met the haiti amer psych. Not met the cuban dr yet.

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Beverly said...

Welcome to Ayiti Cheri! This is Bev in Jacmel. Annie in Austin referred me to your blog. I'll look forward to following it. Thank you for coming to help our beloved people! My thoughts and prayers are with you.