Thursday, March 4, 2010

We took a ride around Port au Prince...

We took a ride around Port au Prince... hard to describe: devastation everywhere, yet they survive and eek out an existence: not sure what's more profound: buildings, in every direction you look, are down or frozen in half-down positon. Or maybe it's seeing the citizens of this once gorgeous city, scavenging wood and metal from 2nd story level of half devastated buildings, the tarps and tents in every public square square/sidewalk/even blocked off streets. The people getting buckets of water from the gutters of oily streets. The church that has stood 150 years falls with this historic quake.

I saw no obvious reconstruction or demolition going on, and we drove extensively in the Port au Prince area. In Galveston, my home town, 2 mos after hurricane ike, it was weird seeing federal aid trucks everywhre: salvation army type trucks for free hot lunch, tide detergent stations to let you wash your clothes,demolition dozers and trucks everywere and areas piled up. In contrast i saw nothing like this going on here. i'm sure there is much of these things going on, but it was not obvious to us.

One of the local guys from our clinic, showed us where he was driving his 2 girls when the quake happened: a woman getting elecrocuted to his left, a wall falling to his right, and behind he saw a fallen building where he had just passed, thanks to a nice guy who had waved him on seconds before the quake!

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A McKnight said...

there is no such thing as coincidence. He was meant to survive.