Sunday, March 7, 2010

We took a walk in the neighborhood . . . Could not get over the natural beauty, combined with quaint french architecture! ...and the cracked-opened and fallen schools and large homes. The stories: 'yes many students died here,... not there- none killed'. Walking the quiet residential streets felt comfortable - no hassles as foreigners.


Frank Russo said...

Sounds a bit like New Orleans meets Jamaica...why fewer deaths in area? Further away from epicenter...or less destruction?

What is prevailing thoughts of people...immediate survival....impending mourning...hopeful?

Hang-in-there Bro....

Anonymous said...

Their thoughts? : all of the above I presume. Some say it's silly to live in a tent next to a seemingly unaffected house you own, BUT there is a 95% chance of a 6.0 quake in Haiti within one year! (Maybe not another 7plus but still)
Haitians will survive, but so much needless suffering. Many have palpitations - a symptom of PTSD.