Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finished morning clinic: how do you approach medical care for people who have no recorded medical care, no means for lab or follow up. The people are so patient, so appreciative. The meds supplies the volunteers bring are what we are limited to use: excess of this: none off that.
No sudafed this week ! I'm making a list and get a suit case to put on an american airline flight when i get back !


Beverly said...

You quickly become innovative, thinking out of the box and seeing with new eyes. Bon kouraj!

Rango said...

I would find your situation similar to emergency medicine - often there is no history. Sometimes no history is a good thing and you end up correcting a former bad diagnosis.

Good luck Dr. A! You're awesome!

Jonathan said...

You will have stories, I'm sure. Did Eric find Sophonie? Let me know how it turns out. Jon